Protecting Your Plants From Too Much Rain.

This season, South Africa has experienced the highest rainfall in many years. This is largely as a result of La Niña, a weather pattern that causes abnormal cooling of sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific. These cooler sea temperatures increase the probability of summer rains globally, including Southern Africa and particularly in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa.

While the wet weather has been a welcome relief to many parts of the country after years of drought, too much rain can also cause chaos in our gardens with all sorts of goggas and diseases revelling in the wetter weather.


Think Water-Wise

Before we delve into the Ecobuz solutions to protect your gardens from these goggas and diseases, here are some practical tips to make the most of these rainy days:


Invest in water tanks.


The rains will probably not last past March, so why not invest in a water tank? There are many shapes and sizes suitable for every garden.



Expected rain to a gardener, is a message to get outside and treat you garden with a healthy dose of fertiliser. Fertilising before rain, saves water as you don’t need to irrigate after fertilising and ensures evenly distributed water. Remember to incorporate HumiGro granules into your granular fertiliser.

Take your indoor plants out for a soak.

Your indoor plants will love the natural nourishment from the rain. Remember to bring them back inside as soon as the water has soaked right through.

Goggas and Diseases

While the rain is amazing for our gardens, it also brings along some uninvited pests and diseases.

Waterlogged soils mean an increase in the prevalence of soil-borne diseases. ROOT PRO provides effective defence against a wide range of root diseases. ROOT PRO is a beneficial fungal inoculant that can be used when planting and again when conditions are conducive to root disease. Combine ROOT PRO with HUMIGRO and STARTGRO (the complete EcoBuz Root Health Program) at planting and transplanting for protection against soil and root disease, as well as to encourage stronger plants that will be more resistant to pests and diseases.


Caterpillars tend to be very active in the rainy season, feasting on new plant growth and avoiding the wet soil. LARVAE PRO is a safe and environmentally friendly solution to keep these creepy crawlies at bay and stop them from eating your plants and edibles.

The wet, humid weather creates ideal conditions for fungal infections such as mildews. DISEASE PRO will help to protect your plant from new infections as well as fight existing mildews. Spray today, Eat today: our biological range of pesticides are safe for human consumption and are environmentally friendly.


Plant Recovery

If your plants sustained some damage from heavy rains, regular foliar treatment with our all-in-one vitality tonic, MULTIGRO, not only promotes flowering and fruiting but also reduces stress. MULTIGRO is an ideal recovery tonic for your plants.