There are bugs in my bed! 

The rain, the heat and hot, humid days create great conditions for your garden to grow and flourish. Sadly, these conditions also attract pests and diseases.

The EcoBuz range of bio-pesticides offers effective, safe solutions for pest and disease control. Bio-pesticides leave no residue, are non-harmful and allow you to treat your plants today and eat today. Best of all they do not harm beneficial insects like ladybirds and bees, allowing these insects to naturally assist with pest control and to keep our gardens healthy.

Prevention is better than cure.

Step 1At planting use the EcoBuz Root Health Program,a combination of 3 products which promote stronger, healthier plants which will be less susceptible to pests and deseases. 

HUMIGRO – Conditions the soil and feeds microbes, releases nutrients and promotes soil structure.

STARTGRO – Promotes rapid early root and shoot growth, reducing transplant stress.

ROOT PRO – Enhances root development and protects roots against fungal soil diseases.

Step 2 Use MULTIGRO to keep your plants strong and healthy.

Step 3 DISEASE PRO is as a preventative Bio-Fungicide for protection against powdery and downy mildew.  Ideally, DISEASE PRO should be sprayed preventatively when conditions favour infection or as soon as damage is noticed.



Treat Today, Eat Today.
What to do, when you find bugs and diseases in your veggie bed?

Pest damage is often noticeable before the pests are; early detection and regular observation (best done while strolling around your garden and admiring your efforts); is key to a healthy garden.


Larvae & Caterpillars –  

Eaten leaves are a sign that it is time for LARVAE PRO. LARVAE PRO controls caterpillars at all lifecycle stages and again, early detection is key to early, effective control.

Whitefly and Spider Mite – 

These little critters can quickly cause damage and are often hard to find.

Check the underside of leaves and on the soft stems where these little bugs often hang out.   PEST PRO is a contact bio-Insecticide, as such it is important that direct contact is made with the pest during application. Again, early detection and application is important

All our Biological Pesticides are environmentally friendly and safe to use with no harmful residues. TREAT TODAY. EAT TODAY with peace of mind.