Sustainable Gardening in May


It’s remarkable how radically our world and lives have changed since the nationwide lockdown. It has, without doubt, had a significant impact on our everyday living, forcing us to slow down and smell the roses.

The expression that ‘we are all in the same storm, but everyone is in a different boat’ is so true. During the lockdown, gardening has been one of the top activities for families and individuals from all backgrounds, ages and levels of expertise. Having a gardening area, no matter how large or small, to sow a seed, grow a plant and watch nature at work reminds us that gardening enriches our lives.


This time has also shown us how beneficial it is for us to get outdoors and get our hands into the soil. The exercise that comes with fixing, sowing, transplanting, dividing and propagating, and the distraction from the stresses of life under lockdown have been a saving grace for many!


May in the Garden – Get Planting!


The lockdown has now been dropped down to below level 4 and this has allowed garden centres to open. We can now get out and buy our winter colour and winter vegetable seedlings. The ability to enjoy the fruits of our labour during hard lockdown and get planting is exciting!



Leafy Greens – spinach, lettuce and Chinese greens

Root Vegetables – carrots and radishes

Brassicas – cabbage, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts


Winter Colour:







Add energy and excitement by planting your spring flowering bulbs now in pots or in your garden beds for a spectacular display of colour.





Dutch irises

But first…Soil Conditioning and Root Health.


With so much planting happening it is very important to give your new plants the best start with our Root Health Program.


The EcoBuz Root Health Program lays the foundation for strong, healthy plants.


Be sure to add these EcoBuz Products to your shopping list when visiting your garden centre for your plants, seedlings and bulbs.

Healthy Soil with HUMIGRO – Feeds microbes, releases nutrients, buffers and promotes soil structure

Healthy Roots STARTGRO – Promotes rapid early root and shoot growth, and reduces transplant stress 

Disease Free Roots with ROOT PRO – Enhances root development and also controls fungal and soil diseases

Happy planting!