Sustainable Gardening in July

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Create an Indoor Paradise.

Indoor plants have become more than a mere gift you receive for a special occasion. While they are a lovely addition to any space which they brighten up, the poor things ultimately end up being neglected before withering away into a husk of their former selves. So, instead of being burdened by your next green gift, have a look at how to care for them and grow your own indoor paradise to which any new additions will feel more than welcome!    

Worldwide, indoor plants have become a must-have addition to any home or office. Interest has grown exponentially, not only in the many varieties available to match one’s personal style but also in how to actually keep them thriving.

Good for You and Your Environment.

While boasting a variety of shapes, colours, and styles, indoor plants are extremely good for the environment and our health! Extensive research by NASA (yes, as in the space agency) has revealed that indoor plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours! 

Indoor plants have also been shown to increase concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and improve our mood.

How to create an indoor green space. 


Before you head out to buy your plants, decide where you would like to place them in terms of how much light that specific area gets over the course of the day. Remember, the seasons will influence this as well, so you may need to move your green pet about at times.  

There are 4 varying levels of natural light that indoor plants need:

Full Sun – Not many indoor plants like full sun but succulents love all day sunshine. 

Partial Sunlight & Shade – Some morning or afternoon sun. 

Full Shade or Low Light – Not ideal for flowering plants. 

Bright Without Direct Sun – Set back 90cm to a meter from the window without direct sunlight. 

TIP: As the seasons change, you will need to rotate your plants as the light changes in your home.

Go Big or Go Small.

While considering your lighting, you may also need to consider the size of plants you would like or are gifted. 

Indoor plants range from cute and tiny to large and robust. You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of misjudging this very important part of your decision! 

TIP: When going to your local garden centre, be sure or read the labels on the plants to determine their potential sizes, or simply ask an attending staff member for advice on which plants may best suit your personal needs.

Indoor Plant Care

Watering and Nutrition.

This step is what often intimidates most of us but we have made it very simple by including both watering and nutrition in one by using our Root Health Program.

This can be done by either drenching your plants by watering them (beneath the leaves) until the water starts coming out of the bottom of the pot or by soaking your plants for about half an hour in 10cm of water.

Our Root Health Program includes HUMIGRO, STARTGRO and ROOT PRO.

All three of these products are available in convenient 3-Pack Cartons containing 3 sachets of either 5ml of 5g.




Add one sachet each of HUMIGRO, STARTGRO and ROOTPRO to 5L of water and mix well. 

Now you are ready to either drench or soak your plants. Repeat this process once a week for healthy, good looking indoor plants. 

Natural Disease Control. 

Keep the bugs at bay with our friendly biological insecticides. 

PEST PROFor the control of red spider mite, whitefly, and other pesky bugs. Take care to apply to the underside of foliage for the best coverage.

LARVAE PROEffective and safe caterpillar control. Treat as soon as larvae are noticed on foliage. 

DISEASE PRO – Apply preventatively when conditions favour fungal disease outbreaks (think damp and dank). For the suppression of powdery and downy mildew, spray leaf undersides.

Images supplied by The Gardener Magzine