Sustainable Gardening in April

The leaves are slowly starting to change colour and that ‘fresh nip’ in the air is a definite reminder that autumn is upon us. Blessed as we are in our beautiful country, this is a great time to be outdoors and in the garden. With our nation in lockdown, those of us privileged enough to have a garden, have a unique opportunity to really explore, navigate and enjoy this special place.

3 reasons why we at EcoBuz, love April

  • Autumn is planting time!
  • Grow your own – the joys of a winter veggie garden
  • EcoBuz Gardening Guideline – Edibles


Autumn is the ideal time to get your hands dirty! As the intense heat wanes, newly planted fillers, shrubs and trees (and all perennials) have the opportunity to settle and establish healthy roots before winter, ensuring they are strong and ready to bloom when spring arrives.

Likewise, the same holds true for the planting of seedlings – annuals, herbs and vegetables. Now is the time to plant your winter favourites! Pansies, viola’s, primula’s and calendula have to be included amongst these, they are always so vibrant whether in garden beds, containers or hanging baskets.

An autumn highlight is the planting of winter and spring flowering bulbs – tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are popular but we especially love the indigenous varieties ie. Freesias, Sparaxis and Ixia. Keep an eye out for these once lockdown is over, as they are normally snapped up fast.

Last but not least, there are stunning seed varieties to choose from in autumn. You simply can’t go wrong with Namaqualand daisies, sweetpeas and Virginian Stocks, all of which are great for little hands. 

Seed (like biologicals) are living products with expiry dates. Expired seed may not be sold, but if you have old seeds in your shed, you might as well plant them and there is no better time than now. As seed viability deteriorates over time, fewer are likely to germinate, but these can still be enjoyed and appreciated. Condense these plantings using seed trays, or make your own mini greenhouse (let Tanya show you how ) and keep the kids entertained the good old fashioned way.

With no access to garden centres, now is the time to ‘Divide and conquer’! Every garden has it’s fair share of overgrown plants – split and divide these, repositioning them to fill the gaps and create new focal areas. 

Passionate gardeners (like ourselves!) often make poor choices when purchasing and shopping for plants… Quite simply, we get over excited, buying with our eyes and hearts – not with our heads and often overlooking where the plants will actually be planted. Lockdown gives you the perfect opportunity to really spend time admiring and enjoying your current garden – as well as your dream garden. Consider the changes you’d like to see and then plan a staged approach to action these. It’s hard, but we all know it’s the right way to do things😊


Covid 19 has reinforced in all of us, the value of our health and wellness. Something so many of us take for granted.

Autumn is the ideal time to start a veggie garden, veggie patch or veggie windowsill. Home-grown goodness is always best – and tastiest! Even more so because you have 100% control over how the plants are grown and the product used (if any) to support your harvest.

Vegetables are broadly categorised into warm-season and cool-season crops, and autumn is the ideal time for the latter which includes carrots, beetroot, cabbages, broccoli, onions, leeks, spinach, lettuce and more. All these veggies are great for inclusion in your soups, stews and casseroles – hearty, healthy meals that will be needed in the coming cooler days, so get started on your planting sooner, rather than later.

Herbs are a great addition to the winter veggie garden (pots, containers and rockeries). Herbs are packed with flavour, vitamins and anti-oxidants when added to the pot, but also have great benefits while in the ground. Herbs are excellent companion plants! Garlic for example deters pests, while lavender, chamomile and other flowering varieties attract bees and pollinators to your garden. 


Part of the EcoBuz story and vision is to introduce the concept of GARDEN WELLNESS. As a society human health has evolved from reactively reaching for medication to now, proactively improving overall health, wellness and vitality. We believe it’s time to do the same in your garden.

The sustainability pyramid simplifies the EcoBuz approach, which can further be simplified as ‘Healthy plants start with a healthy soil’.

At EcoBuz, we see soil as the foundation of all gardening activities. This is even more relevant when ‘Growing your own’.


EcoBuz has developed a gardening guideline to simplify and summarise the use of our EcoBuz products in assisting you to grow your edibles sustainably.

Click here to view the garden guide, or access it off our website on

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