This natural, beneficial fungus grows symbiotically with plant roots. EcoBuz Root Pro promotes and enhances root development and controls soil borne diseases (eg: pathogenic fungi) & boosts your plants’ immune system.

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ECOBUZ ROOT PRO is a fungal inoculant for the control of root diseases and for the enhanced growth of a wide variety of plants.

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3 Sachet Box, 40g Doy Pack, 250g Tub

Directions for use

  1. Apply as a drench to seedling trays, seedbeds, potted plants and turf.
  2. Apply at planting and monthly thereafter
  3. Mix sachet contents to a thin paste with a small amount of water before adding the remaining water



  • All crops
  • Root Diseases

PLEASE NOTE: This product is a living organism, do not leave mixture in the sun and use within 6 hours.


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