Product Sizes:

Bundle 1:
3 x Product Packs
(each pack contains 3 x single dose 5g/ml sachets)
Bundle 2:
1 x 600g HumiGro Jar, 1 x 450ml StartGro bottle, 1 x Root Pro Pack
(3 x single 5g dose sachets)
Bundle 3:
1 x 600g HumiGro Jar, 1 x 1L StartGro Bottle, 1 x 40 g Root Pro Doy Pack
Bundle 4:
1 x 5kg HumiGro Bucket, 1 x 1L StartGro Bottle, 1 x 40g Root Pro Doy Pack
Bundle 5:
1 x 5kg HumiGro Bucket, 1 x 5L StartGro Bottle, 1 x 250g Root Pro Tub


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Planting only occurs once, ensure you give each plant the best possible start with the
EcoBuz Root Health Program. The EcoBuz Root Health bundle consists of 3 products:
HUMIGRO to promote soil health,
STARTGRO to supply the required nutrients to enhance early plant growth and
ROOT PRO to protect against root diseases and enhance root growth.

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This product is:
Child friendly, Bird friendly, Pet friendly, Bee friendly.

HumiGro, StartGro, Root Pro = Root Health Program

Apply at planting and transplanting of seedlings, edibles, containers, perennials and trees.

  • Feeds the soil, promotes soil health and structure, reduces leaching and nutrient
  • Natural microbe stimulant
  • Buffers and enhances fertiliser efficiency.
  • Speciality nutrition for early growth, enhancing plant strength and vigour, thus improving long-term plant vitality
  • Balanced complex of nutrients
  • Controls root diseases and enhances root growth

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 60 cm

Bundle 1, Bundle 2, Bundle 3, Bundle 4, Bundle 5


HumiGro, StartGro and Root Pro can be applied together as a soil drench.

  1. 5g/5ml per 5L
  2. Mix well before use.
  3. Use within 4 to 6 hours of mixing.


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