The “all in one” vitality bio stimulant for all growth phases. Boosts plant growth, flowering, fruiting and overall plant wellness in beds, containers and indoors. An optimal blend of organic and inorganic nutritional ingredients. Complete Garden Goodness.

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Apply monthly or as necessary.

Ideal for use when crop is under stress and during critical growth phases.

  • All in one vitality package
  • N, P, K plus full range of micronutrients
  • Added vitamins to combat stress
  • Enriched to support and stimulate growth
  • Revitalises stressed and deficient plant

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3 Sachet Box, 450ml Bottle, 1l Bottle, 5l Bottle


As a soil drench use 5ml per 5L of water in a watering can.

As foliar spray use 5ml per 1L of water in a mist blower or knapsack.

1 capful = 5ml MULTIGRO

  • When mixing with other fertilisers always jar test for compatibility.
  • Mix well before use.
  • Maintain constant agitation during application.
  • Do not leave mixed product to stand overnight.


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