A biological larvicide (beneficial bacteria) for the suppression of Lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars). Zero residues. Spray today, eat today. Ecobuz Larvae Pro is a natural and organic product.

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ECOBUZ LARVAE PRO is a flowable granule concentrate formulation for the suppression of various Lepidoptera larvae on specific plants.

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3 Sachet Box, 100g Doy Pack, 1kg Tub

Directions for use

  1. Apply with the first detection of specified pest eggs
  2. Apply to foliage with a mist blower or knapsack
  3. This product should be applied as a full cover film spray
  4. 2nd application after 7-10 days for as long as the pest is present
  5. Needs to make make contact with or be ingested by the larvae



  • African Bollworm (lettuce)
  • Tomato Leaf miner (tomatoes/eggplants/peppers/potatoes)
  • Fall Armyworm (barley/cotton/cruciferous/maize/wheat/sweetcorn/soya/sorghum)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is a living organism, do not leave mixture in the sun and use within 6 hours.


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