Soil Food. A healthy soil is the first step to a beautiful garden. HUMIGRO is a carbon-based soil conditioner that feeds your soil and the life within it.

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HUMIGRO granules are recommended for use as a stand-alone soil amendment or in conjunction with granular fertilizer.

  • Feeds the soil, not the plant
  • Promotes soil health and structure
  • Natural microbe stimulant
  • Reduces leaching and nutrient lock-up
  • Buffers and enhances fertiliser efficiency

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3 Sachet Box, Granules 600g, 5kg Bucket


As a soil drench

  • Dilute 5g granules into 5L of water. (1x heaped teaspoon)
  • Mix well.
  • Drench into soil.


Granular application

  • Apply at planting/bed preparation
  • Apply as regularly as necessary in conjunction with fertilizer applications.
  • Sprinkle onto soil and irrigate with water.
  • Mix with fertilizer at a rate of 50g HUMIGRO per kg fertilizer.


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