STARTGRO – Initiating Growth.

STARTGRO – Supports Plant Growth. 

STARTGRO, a blend of organic and inorganic nutrition, targets the early growth stages of plants and is based largely on this biochemical sequence. Its’ most significant point of differentiation is that it contains no N and P, with only small traces of K. This makes STARTGRO ideally suited to trigger the growth process. As such, STARTGRO is recommended for use at planting, be it from seed, seedlings or transplants, and is suitable for shrubs, trees, edibles and more.

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The Science Behind Plant Growth:

Gardeners who simply feed their plants N, P and K shortcut the natural ‘BioChemical sequence of plant nutrition’. (See graphic below).

In summary, the boron (B), silica (Si) and calcium (Ca) ‘complex’ kickstarts plant growth, allowing N, P, K and the other essential plant nutrients to be absorbed and utilised as needed.

This mean for us, as gardeners that plant growth is triggered by the
availability of key micronutrients.

To maximise growth in your garden, ensure your fertiliser program
includes trace elements and B, Si and Ca in particular. 

Calcium, Boron & Silica Explained:

Calcium (Ca) the ‘trucker’ of all nutrients:

Calcium ‘carries’ nutrients through the plant improving overall plant growth. Ca is immobile so a continuous supply is essential.

Boron (B) the ‘truck driver’: 

Boron creates sap pressure – essential for nutrient uptake (B & Ca work closely together). Without Boron healthy plant growth can’t start. Boron leaches easily, and N & K are antagonistic towards Boron making it commonly lacking in garden soils.

Silica (Si) strengthens cell walls resulting plants are stronger, less susceptible to drought, heat, pests & diseases. (Essential in a water-wise, heat tolerant garden)

Directions For Use

  • STARTGRO is available in different pack sizes: a 3-pack carton (containing 3 x 5ml sachets),  450ml bottle, IL and 5L bottle.
  • Drench applications: Dilute 5ml of STARTGRO (1 x capful or 1 x sachet) in 5L of water and mix well.
  • Foliar applications: Dilute 5ml of STARTGRO (1 x capful or 1 x sachet) in 1L of water and mix well.
  • Apply at transplanting of seedlings or planting of pots, and monthly thereafter. Also recommended for application after germination. 
  • STARTGRO contains a blend of organic and inorganic nutrients, it will not burn or harm plants if over-applied.
  • STARTGRO contains potassium, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, silica, copper, molybdenum and boron – Reg No B 5465, Act 36 of 1947. Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, Postnet Suite 20, Private Bag X6011, Hilton 3245 Reg. No. 2009/020798/07.