Have a “Bloomin”
Good Summer

Have a “Bloomin”
Good Summer

Summer is coming into full swing. Gardens are a riot of colour, leafy shrubs, productive veggie patches, green lawns and happy families. Unfortunately, this is also prime time for pests and disease. Both can wreak havoc with your gardens and veggie patches. Luckily EcoBuz has a healthy, sustainable, easy-to-use range of products to help you navigate this season with little stress, allowing you to enjoy your gardens and all the life within it.

First and foremost, EcoBuz believes in building and maintaining plant and soil health. Plants that are healthy are more resistant to disease and are better able to survive insect infestations. Remember to use our Soil and Root Health Program, (HUMIGRO, STARTGRO & ROOT PRO) at planting or transplanting to give your plant the best start and to help build healthy soils.

To maintain and stimulate growth and plant wellness throughout the summer season apply MULTIGRO. This is our “all-in-one” vitality tonic that keeps your plants strong and healthy. A multi vitamin for plants; MULTIGRO is an optimal blend of nutrition including macro and micro-nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, kelp and fulvic acid. It is all you need to maintain your garden in just 1 bottle! Apply throughout the season, 2-weekly or monthly. This can be applied as a drench or foliar feed.


When there is a high likelihood of rain or humidity, protect your garden and veggies against fungal diseases by spraying with DISEASE PRO, a preventative bio-fungicide. DISEASE PRO is compatible with MULTIGRO and the two can be used together in 1 spray as part of your monthly programme during the rainy season.
Remember, early detection of pests prevents uncontrollable infestation. Walk around your garden checking for insects, caterpillars and larvae. Look under the leaves and at the base of leaf growth. If you are going away, make sure that pests like white fly and red spider are eradicated before you leave. At the first sign of insects; use EcoBuz Pest Pro, a biological contact insecticide that contains beneficial fungi. Spray every seven days, for at least 21 days and thereafter when problems occur. Make sure to drench the underside of leaves as well. Contact with pests is vital.
Keep a look out for caterpillars and larvae. Check fruiting veggies like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweetcorn and potatoes for African bollworm that leave tiny pinholes on fruit. Check the base of your Lillies and Agapanthus for any sign of worms and caterpillars. Spray with EcoBuz Larvae Pro. This biological larvicide includes beneficial bacteria that stop the larvae from eating so they die. Larvae Pro needs to be ingested by the insect. Apply as a full cover spray on leaves and fruit or at the base of the Lillie every seven days until the problem is under control.


  • Keep your garden healthy and happy with MULTIGRO.
  • Spray preventatively for fungal diseases with DISEASE PRO
  • Walk around your garden, keeping a look out for any insects, pests, or caterpillars and larvae. Spray with PEST PRO and LARVAE PRO as soon as these bugs are sighted.
Summer is a time of late afternoons and evenings spent outdoors with friends and family. Ensure your garden is an environmentally friendly place this summer. Enjoy the sound of life and laughter from insects, birds and people.