Growing from the ground up, Plants need healthy Soils.

Pick up a handful of healthy soil and you’re holding far more than just a combination of sand and ‘dirt’. In your hand are billions upon billions of lifeforms, from bacteria (good and bad!) to protozoa and more, all going about their little lives. This is where healthy plants begin – with healthy soil full of life.

The lifecycles in soil support the lifecycles of ever-bigger organisms such as insects and earthworms, which in turn support moles and birds. These animals complete their lifecycles, and the nutrients return to the soil, available for plants and other life to use once again.

There is no doubt that ‘healthy plants begin with healthy soil.’ Plants need soil to grow in for the nutrients and water that it holds. The more available the nutrients in the soil are, the better the plants will grow – it just makes sense.

The big 3 nutrients that we all know from fertiliser packets, N (nitrogen), P (phosphorous) and K (potassium) and micro elements, are vital for healthy plants, but there are countless other micronutrients that plants also need. These can only be found when made available in healthy soil. These nutrients need to be broken down, which is done by the little lives living in the soil.

It goes both ways: Soils need healthy Plants

Plants need soil to survive, but soil needs plants too. Without plants, soil has no protection from the elements and is swept away by wind and rain or broken down until it can no longer support soil life and therefore plant life. While they grow, plants give the soil shade, and their roots aerate and build soil structure. When they die and decompose, their nutrients are returned to the soil where the lifecycle begins again.


Without carbon, soil is just sand and dirt. Nutrients become trapped and inaccessible; and rainwater is repelled. Carbon ‘adds life’ to the soil.  As gardeners, we need to take on the responsibility of adding carbon to our soils. Good gardeners are always adding compost to their gardens. Compost is rotting plant matter, and the reason it is so good is that it contains carbon! EcoBuz HumiGro is an effective way of adding carbon to the soil. This carbon-based ‘soil food’ creates a happy environment for the little critters that create healthy soils to thrive. HumiGro can be used in conjunction with compost and organic fertilisers.


    Use HumiGro with StartGro and Root Pro for healthy soil and healthy plants. An easy to use product combination.

    • HumiGro is a carbon-based soil food that promotes soil health and makes nutrients more available to plants.
    • StartGro is a micronutrient blend that enhances early plant growth.
    • Root Pro is a beneficial fungus that encourages root growth and protects against root diseases.

    Did you know?

    Healthy soils make better use of fertiliser. The carbon allows the fertiliser nutrients to be absorbed more effectively, and far less is lost through leaching.