August is that time of the year to prepare your lawns for Spring. Time to come out of hiding, put on those gardening shoes, dust down the lawn mower, pick up your garden tools and get busy. Help your lawn to start strong in Spring. Lay the foundation for family picnics, lazy afternoons in the sun and fun summer activities.


1. Scarify the lawn.

Cut the lawn as low as possible with a lawnmower – this is called scarifying.. There are scarifying machines available for hire but a lawnmower on the lowest cutting setting will do the job. Cut the lawn almost to the roots (except in subtropical areas and for grasses like Kikuyu as this may kill the lawn). If you don’t use a grass box on your lawnmower, the bits of grass left on the lawn will eventually compact and become thatch. Scarifying will help get rid of thatch build up. Rake up mown grass if you do not have a grass box attached to your mower. Berea or Durban grass should just be mown as per normal (not scarified) when starting the spring treatment.

2. Use a garden fork to poke holes into the lawn.

This aerates the soil, allowing air to penetrate the area – a fundamental growing need for plants. A garden fork works well on small lawns. For larger Gardens, you can hire an aerator roller or ask your local garden service to assist. It may be worth your while to invest in a garden aerator roller or aerator attachment for your lawn mower.

3. Feed your lawn (and soil!)

Fertilise with organic fertiliser.  Add HUMIGRO into the fertiliser or sprinkle onto the lawn. HUMIGRO is a carbon-based soil conditioner and ‘soil food’. HUMIGRO improves fertiliser efficiency, improves soil structure, nutrient absorption, water retention and is a food source for soil microbes. Soils beneath lawns can become compacted due to feet on the ground and mowing. Carbon helps to keep soil aerated. Using a fertiliser spreader will feed the area evenly.

Drench lawn with STARTGRO to give it a good kick-start and encourage a strong start in Spring.

4. Top dress the lawn.

Spread a light layer of lawn dressing onto the lawn and then, using a plastic rake, spread it evenly over the area. The lawn dressing should be a thin layer – avoid covering the plants completely.

Water in!

Water in the fertiliser, HUMIGRO and STARTGRO well.

Sit back with a cup of tea to celebrate a job well done, and watch your lawn thrive.

  1. Don’t cut your lawn too short. 
  2. Keep the mower blades sharp.
  3. At the height of summer, lift the mower height. This is highly beneficial for soil and root health. Best of all, this helps keep moisture in – an essential tip to be ‘water wise’.
  4. Keep grass under shade slightly longer. 
  5. Don’t mow wet grass.
  6. Alternate the mowing direction.
  7. Mow when cool and not in the heat of the day.
  8. Don’t Remove the grass clippings after mowing. (If you do, don’t forget to add them to your compost heap.)
  9. Drench stressed areas with ROOT PRO and START GRO
Invest that extra time and goodness into your lawn now and it will reward you with endless hours of happiness in the summer ahead, when you can enjoy your green lawn with a cup of tea or cool summer gin in hand. Who could ask for more?