Autumn is the best time to be in your garden and the perfect time for planting bulbs and veggies.

While planting and enjoying the cooler weather, don’t forget to add the EcoBuz Root Health Program to your planting regime.

Building healthy soils and strong plants are at the foundation to growing more disease and pest resistant bulbs and vegetables.

Beautiful Flowering Bulbs


Few things are as spectacular as a garden full of bulbs, their bright colours surprising you as they suddenly push up, welcoming spring and all it has to offer. April is prime time for planting bulbs.

Daffodils are an old favourite with many varieties to choose from.  Plant in mid-April to early June for flowers in July – September.

Ranunculus with their double blooms create a riot of colour come spring. Brilliant in your garden and as cut flowers. Plant from April to the end of May for flowers in July – September.


Local Beauties


There are countless indigenous bulbs at your disposal: Freesias, Sparaxis, Ornithogalum and Ixias are just a few of the indigenous (many endemic) bulbs that will add a punch of form and colour to your garden. Plant before mid-June for flowers in late winter or spring.  

Plant Winter Veggies Now.


You can still enjoy fresh, healthy veggies from your garden during those cold winter months. From soups to salads, step out your back door to choose your ingredients.

Lettuce is a cool-season crop that you absolutely should be growing in winter. It can be planted out as late as July however, it does need protection from frost.  There is nothing tastier than a freshly picked lettuce.

The winter veggie patch is dominated by the brassica family.  Cabbages, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower are now all at their very best. A great choice is the Cavolo Nero kale, also known as black palm kale or even dinosaur kale. It is a beautiful, stately plant that can grow all year round but does best in winter, when the flavour is sweeter and milder. 




Use the EcoBuz Root Health Program every time you plant. HUMIGRO to feed the soil, STARTGRO with it’s balanced complex of nutrients for early growth, plant strength and long- term plant vitality, and ROOT PRO to control root disease and enhance root growth.