Our story starts with the meeting of two young entrepreneurs – Madumbi CEO, Andre Fox and Sesisonke Farming CEO, James Leslie.

James was questioning the safety and sustainability of his yields and fields, whilst Andre was looking to pioneer biological products into the established, traditional SA agricultural sector. They met at an international Sustainable Farming Symposium which affirmed their gut feelings that things can be done differently and ‘better’.

14 years later, the fruits of this successful partnership and SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY are available to South African homes and gardens with EcoBuz. Completing the vision and ‘dream’ of offering safe and sustainable gardening solutions into the hands of all South Africans.

“Backed by Science, Loved by Nature”


Ecobuz is the retail brand developed and launched by Madumbi Bio Gardens, a local company, based in Hilton, KZN.

Madumbi are market leaders in Biostimulant and Biomanagement solutions.

Agriculture is a science that is continually being advanced in a myriad of ways. Traditional farming beliefs and methods are constantly being challenged, with the focus shifting towards sustainability and the production of toxin free, nutrient dense food to all our tables.

Madumbi believes in a holistic approach to agriculture, offering the best biorational plant nutrition and crop protection solutions. “Backed by Science, Loved by Nature” the Madumbi tagline, is at the heart of all Madumbi Innovations.

The company’s vision is to drive sustainable agriculture for future generations. This starts with the responsibile care of our nations soil, food and health. For more information, visit: www.madumbi.co.za

This ‘conversation’ needs to start at home and in gardens, with EcoBuz



Health care has evolved from reactively reaching for medication to proactively improving overall health, wellness and fitness. It’s time to do the same in your garden


(adj.) Capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources of causing sever ecological damage


Products displaying this icon have no negative impact or effects on pets incl. dogs, cats, fish, bunnies and more


Products displaying this icon have no negative impact or effects on bees


Occuring naturally and commonly in solis


Biological control relies on predation, parasitism and other natural mechanisms


Bacteria are the most abundant microbes in soil, with between 10 and 100 billion per gram