What is ECOBUZ?

ECOBUZ is the retail brand developed by Madumbi Bio Gardens. ECOBUZ champions SUSTAINABLE GARDENING, asking the tough questions that are typically swept under the carpet.

Most gardeners love the outdoors, appreciate nature and consider themselves ‘environmentally conscious’. But gardening impacts our soils, interfering with the natural order and balance. It’s time to challenge our norms, rethink the way we garden and consider the long-term impacts on our people and our planet.

Why should I use HUMIGRO, STARTGRO and MULTIGRO on my lawn, vegetables and plants?

The ECOBUZ Nurture range includes three very different products, each targeting a specific growth stage. The goal is stronger, healthier plants with bigger blooms & more nutritious crops, without compromising the soil and the environment.

Our 3-step approach is simple, safe, tried and tested – Just try it yourself and you’ll see! ?

Why is ECOBUZ better than other similar products on the market? What makes ECOBUZ products unique?

Our new generation nutrition blends include the ‘best of both’ organic and inorganic nutrition, enhanced with kelp, fulvics, vitamins and amino acids.

ECOBUZ products are used extensively in agriculture with proven results.

ECOBUZ offers targeted nutrition; early growth (STARTGRO) and all-round vitality (MULTIGRO).

Most importantly however, ECOBUZ recognises that plant nutrition starts with the soil; a healthy, living eco-system is the essential foundation of all growth. ‘Building Soil’ needs to become the next new lifestyle trend – our planet depends on this.

Have ECOBUZ products been tested in agriculture?

Yes. All ECOBUZ products have been and continue to be used extensively in agriculture.

At ECOBUZ we talk about the JOURNEY to GARDEN WELLNESS. Sustainability is a journey and a hugely exciting one… New developments are being made every day. Often these are simpler, better & faster. New products, components and trials are continuously being implemented and refined to bring these improvements to our farmers – and finally, now to gardeners too.

In what sequence and frequency should each product be used? What is the ECOBUZ journey to beautiful and successful plants?

Every gardener’s journey is unique – different plants, growing conditions, climates, seasons, geographical regions, soil conditions (etc.) impact on final plant growth.

ECOBUZ has a simple 3-step (& three product) approach to plant health:

Build the Soil – HUMIGRO
Initiate Growth – STARTGRO
Boost Vitality – MULTIGRO
The products are recommended for use in this order, but can be applied as needed at any time. These ‘steps’ allow for the most common and regular planting and maintenance usage.

ECOBUZ recommends foliar feeding (drench or foliar spray) every 2 weeks. This can be increased or decreased as needed, but the goal is to ensure a continuous supply of nutrients to the plant. HUMIGRO & STARTGRO applications are done at planting, but can be repeated at any stage. MULTIGRO applications are recommended at 2-week intervals.

We encourage keen gardeners to learn more about our products with ‘The Science behind…’ (www.ecobuz.co.za/products/). Improved product understanding will encourage you to personalise your gardening journey … and we hope you’ll share your discoveries with us!

Should I use HUMIGRO in conjunction with granular fertilisers?

Yes. HUMIGRO is ideally suited to being incorporated into regular granular fertiliser programs.

HUMIGRO improves nutrient uptake which means you’ll get more ‘bang for your buck’ from the fertiliser application. More nutrients will be available for uptake by the roots, less will be leached and overall fertiliser efficiency will be enhanced.

HUMIGRO also acts as a ‘buffer’ which means that it has the capacity to minimise or reduce ‘burning’ caused by synthetic fertilisers. HUMIGRO is suitable for use with both organic and synthetic granular fertilisers.

How long will I have to wait to see results?

Allow approximately 4 weeks (products applied at planting and then 2 weeks later) for visible improvements to be noticed. Sustained and continued ECOBUZ use will result in significant overall improved plant health – whereas the impact will be lessened on small and sample areas.

Do the different seasons change my feeding schedule?

Yes and no. The cycle and ‘steps’ will remain unchanged but the timing between applications will vary. Plant growth typically slows down during winter – so you can increase the intervals between feedings, whereas in the peak of summer when plant growth is at its maximum, the nutrient requirements will be higher.

Align your nutrition needs with the plant’s watering needs. When more regular watering is required, so too will the plant’s nutritional need increase.

Can I ever overdose my plants?

No. The nutritional formulations of the ECOBUZ products will not burn your plants.

All products are recommended for use once diluted in water. Please do ensure that you read the product inserts.

Do I need to rinse my veggies/fruit etc. before eating?

ECOBUZ recommends rinsing your harvests – we’d hate for you to eat or chop a friendly caterpillar ?.

All ECOBUZ products are non-toxic and safe for bees, birds, pets and humans.