ECOBUZ is proud to bring innovative, tried and tested, sustainable solutions to South African gardens.

ECOBUZ is the retail brand of Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture, market leader in biorational plant management solutions. ‘Backed by Science, Loved by Nature’ drives our continuous innovation for products supporting sustainability on farms and in gardens.



ECOBUZ introduces GARDEN WELLNESS, naturally. Health care has evolved from reactively reaching for medication to proactively improving overall health, wellness and vitality. It’s time to do the same in your garden.

  • The future of gardening
  • Safe & effective
  • Backed by Science, Loved by Nature

ECOBUZ believes in a biological approach to gardening.

A biological approach is based on the natural prey and predator cycle, occurring in ecosystems all around us. ECOBUZ views nature as being brilliantly creative and diverse, with the soil being integrally connected to plant and root health.

All EcoBuz products are registered by the Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947, by Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture. Individual product details as follows:

HumiGro Reg No B 5462, StartGro Reg No B 5465, MultiGro Reg No B 5464. Root ProTa – Reg No L10580, Disease Pro Ba – Reg No 10554, Pest Pro Bb – Reg No L10579, Larvae Pro Btk – Reg No 10552.