As responsible gardeners it’s important to embrace an integrated, holistic approach to plant health, supplementing nutrition with products that are sustainable and effective, with no negative effects on your soil, your plants and your family.

Three unique nutritional products containing a blend of organic and inorganic soil and plant nutrients.

3 products available: 

HumiGro feeds the soil (Soil Food)

StartGro specially formulated for early growth phases

MultiGro the all-in-one vitality blend

All EcoBuz products are registered by the Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947, by Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture. Individual product details as follows:

HumiGro Reg No B 5462, StartGro Reg No B 5465, MultiGro Reg No B 5464. Root ProTa – Reg No L10580, Disease Pro Ba – Reg No 10554, Pest Pro Bb – Reg No L10579, Larvae Pro Btk – Reg No 10552.