The first range of biological pest and disease control products to be launched into the South African retail market.

Key information on Biological pest control products:

  • The active ingredients are alive (ie. Beneficial bacteria or fungal spores)
  • No negative impacts on the garden & environment
  • No chemical residues. Spray today – harvest today
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot over apply
  • Works in conjunction with other gardening products.

4 products available:

Root Pro Ta – fungal inoculant for improved root growth and the root disease suppression 

Disease Pro Ba – bio-fungicide for the suppression of diseases as listed

Pest Pro Bb    – bio-insecticide for the suppression of insect pests as listed

Larvae Pro Btk – a biological larvicide for the suppression of Lepidopteran larvae as listed.

All EcoBuz products are registered by the Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947, by Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture. Individual product details as follows:

HumiGro Reg No B 5462, StartGro Reg No B 5465, MultiGro Reg No B 5464. Root ProTa – Reg No L10580, Disease Pro Ba – Reg No 10554, Pest Pro Bb – Reg No L10579, Larvae Pro Btk – Reg No 10552.